Thursday, 29 March 2018

More Friends For Tarli

Before I can hatch out some more norns for the world, I have to move Tarli. Unfortunately, she has other ideas, including falling asleep in the elevator.
Once she's been moved to the temple where she promptly gets as drunk as possible, it's time to hatch a new egg! The hatchling is another Pixie norn, who my friend named Krane.
As soon as Krane had finished learning stuff in the incubator area, Tarli rushed over to meet him! He still has to learn about herbs and weeds though...
He did take a few bites of pyrethium, but a few carrots fixed him right up. Now that he's learned all he needs to for now, another norn can hatch! This time we got a female Banana norn, named Asma by my friend.
I noticed while I was teaching Asma that Krane had become sick, and I'm not sure if it's from disease or eating weeds. In any case, I need to take a break from Asma's lessons to help him out. Soon enough he's spread it to Tarli. It's probably for the best that Asma is separate from the others at this stage.
While I was juggling the two sets of norns, I heard a grendel snoring. This is pretty strange, considering I removed the grendel mother. It didn't take long to find the source: a grendel stuck in the bottom of my screen. He's ever present and I don't know how to get rid of him. He goes where I go. What is going on here?
Before long, Tarli and Krane have recovered from their illness (although they could still use a good meal each) and I managed to remove the grendel. I have nothing against grendels, I just can't handle one alongside the norns. It is time to teach Asma some more, but Tarli and Krane have moved to the incubator area, which complicates things quite a bit. On the other hand, she does seem more inclined to eat than the other two.
Asma has learned all she currently needs to know, and Tarli and Krane have fully recovered from their sickness. The two older norns have become more adventurous, with Krane having a little raft ride in the underground. He eventually came back to the surface, and he met Asma in the garden. The two seem to get along very well; they've known each other for less than a minute and are already gazing into each other's eyes and exchanging kisses! Perhaps we might see some eggs from this duo?
Now that everyone is occupied, another norn can hatch once again! Another Banana norn (this world has a tendency to produce pairs, doesn't it) hatches, this time male. I named him Lanque, after one of my current favourite characters. He seems a bit sad at the moment, but hopefully I can help his mood improve.
Three new norns have arrived in the world, a sickness has made its rounds, buggy shenanigans happened, and a new romance has begun to form. Basically, almost all the components of a typical Norn Tree world except for a death is in this post. This C1 world can now truly call itself part of the family! Expect more of this world in the future, because I am well and truly attached.

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