Monday, 12 March 2018

Astralis: Disaster Disease

As I don't currently have a mouse, the worlds involving picking up and moving norns frequently are not places I want to go right now, but I'm still in the mood for some blogging. This means it's time for some Astralis!

Rose has some fun chasing butterflies: it's not just for younger norns!
Moonstone takes a nap by the beehives after eating her fill of honey.
Quartz wanders away from the group to get some solitude and sunflower seeds. The fact that Titania is getting slap happy again may have something to do with her decision.

The responsibility of watching over young Stella and Cuprite is shared between all the older norns of the garden.
Moonstone, being the most isolated norn with a score, is chosen to bear the new egg.
She picks the elevator shaft as the spot to lay her egg. She's so proud of herself!
Corusca, originally one of the best performers, hasn't been doing all that well lately. Hopefully she bounces back.
Moonstone's egg hatches, and she instantly decides to start teaching Flora all there is to know about life! This means eating lots of honey and seeds. But hey, that information has been passed down through generations. It's important.
Sorana finds herself pregnant, and immediately legs it to the incubator and away from Titania. Probably for the best.
It seems this is exactly where she wanted to lay her egg, because that is where she did.
Quartz, who has now gained a score, greets the new baby named Hibiscus!
Moonstone and Flora have been waiting patiently for the cable car to arrive. Must be time for a vacation for the beehive group!
They didn't actually end up leaving, which is probably good, because Moonstone is pregnant again! She plays some music to celebrate the new addition to the family.
Apparently the elevator shaft is her egg spot. Also, I just realised I spelled Hibiscus' name wrong. Whoops.
Unfortunately, Rose died very suddenly of a disease involving ATP decoupler. All of the garden group mourns her death.
The newest addition to the beehive group is Petra, who looks very much like her sister Flora! Petra was actually named by one of my friends: thanks for that!
Cuprite, one of Rose's descendants, has gained her score, and is looking very grown-up!
With all that's happened, I think I'll end here. Hopefully, the sickness that got Rose isn't hanging around anywhere. Also, if you have any suggestions for creature names, let me know! Just say the name, what gender you'd prefer it be for (if any) and I'll stick it in a document so I can use it when a baby is born! I'll be crediting people for the names too. See you!

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