Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Matriarch Run: Part 3

Once again, things started off with everybody in the garden, except this time half the group has moved to the greenhouse.

Monday, 25 September 2017

Matriarch Run: Part 2

Things got off to a bit of a slow start today, with Blossom Fang having just been born. The main population is in a business as usual sort of state, with everyone hanging out in the garden.
The only norn not in this group picture is Ivy Nose, Deer Stream's son, who seems to have inherited his father's tendency to stray from the crowd. He was near the pianola, and that area seems to be a bit buggy so I brought him back. He seemed very keen to rejoin the group, so perhaps he isn't as prone to wander as his father.

Matriarch Run: Part 1

I have lots of worlds that are already somewhat established. One of them is simply named 'Matriarchy', another example of why I shouldn't name worlds. Unsurprisingly, this world is a matriarch run, which could be considered a variant of an alpha run. I'm fairly certain I got the idea from the blog Designer Genes, run by Kezune. There's only one female in the world at all times, who is the mother of all new creatures in the world. When she dies, the first of her female children to lay an egg will replace her. All offspring regardless of gender must pass the IQ test to join the run, and female children are raised in the Norn Meso until they reach the youth stage before being exported so that all female children have an equal chance of becoming the new queen. I had the multiple birth chance set to about 50 or 60 percent, but that seems to be resulting in far too many norns, so I've set it to 1 percent. I don't want there to be no huge litters, but I don't want every single pregnancy resulting in massive population growth. The run is taking place in the C1toDS metaroom.

Saturday, 23 September 2017

Hi there!

Hey guys! I'm Fuzzlet, and I'm new to the Creatures Community, but not the games themselves. I haven't been playing them for as long as some other people, having only heard of the series either this year or last year (I'm not great with remembering things like that), but I do know what I'm doing! Most of the time, anyway. I mostly play Creatures 3/Docking Station because I can't seem to get Creatures 2 to run decently on my computer or the norns in Creatures 1 to eat. C3DS also just fits my purposes better, it seems.