Sunday, 23 September 2018

Vaspilia: Random Event Matriarch Run

Okay, unfortunately I somehow managed to completely wipe the first version of this post that I wrote, so this is probably going to be quick and to the point. Seskorix is a fun world, but I really can't spend too long in it at once. So, to celebrate the one year anniversary of Norn Tree, which is today, I'm starting a new matriarch run as an echo to one of the first worlds I documented here. I've made a few modifications to the rules since last time, so hopefully things are more interesting this time around. This time, elements of a random event run will be incorporated! Also, you might have noticed that I've added an about page and a downloads page. Its about time I added those, to be honest.

- There can only be one female active in the main population, she will be known as the queen. She will eventually be replaced by one of her daughters when she dies.
- There is no limit to the amount of males that can be in the main population.
- All of the queen's daughters, and any other females that may be in the running to replace the queen for some reason or another, will be raised in the Norn Meso until it is time for one of them to become queen.
- During a succession, the first female to lay an egg will be the new queen.
- All eggs laid by the queen will be placed in the workshop so they can take an IQ test when they hatch. Males who pass will be sent straight to the main population, females will remain in the Norn Meso.
- When a new queen takes over, a number will be randomly generated to determine an event that will take place, setting the tone for the new queen's reign.
1. Bounty- One new food source will be made available to the main population.
2. Wanderer- One random unrelated male will join the main population.
3. Infestation- Stingers will be introduced to the main population's home.
4. Rove- One random male will be exported.
5. Drought- One food source will be taken away from the main population.
6. Education- One vocab-bot will be provided to the main population.
7. Rivalry- One random unrelated female will be added to the Norn Meso, and will be in the running to become the next queen.
8. Migration- The main population will be moved to a new metaroom. They will leave behind any benefits or hindrances gained in the previous metaroom.
9. Return- One random male who was exported in the 'Rove' event will be imported again. If the 'Rove' event has not occurred, this event will be treated as 'Wanderer'.
10. Monster- One grendel will be added to the main population.
11. Rematch- One random female who did not become queen in their own generation will be added to the Norn Meso to have another chance at becoming the new queen in the next generation. If there are no females from previous generations, this event will be treated as 'Rivalry'.
Hopefully these events make things a little more interesting in this world, so that this world is able to continue for longer than the previous matriarch run. Without further ado, lets meet the inhabitants of Vaspilia!
The first to hatch was the queen, a Bengal named Altaica. She greeted all the norns to hatch after her with a handful of slaps to assert her dominance.
Checker, a Zebra norn, was next. He ended up enjoying solitude more than the rest.
Following him was Viver the Siamese norn, if I remember correctly. He was not happy to be slapped immediately upon hatching!
Toklo the Bruin norn was hot on his heels, but I don't remember much about his birth.
The final hatchling was Cervid, a Fallow norn who was the only norn not to be 'greeted' by Altaica.
As the group grew, Altaica seemed to choose Toklo as her favourite, as the two are frequently at each other's side.
Checker picked the cryptside carrot grove as his spot, but was quickly pushed out by Viver and Cervid.
He was absolutely not happy about it, and decided he'd rather not have that spot at all than share it.
At the end of the session, all norns were adolescents. You would have been able to see their lives in a bit more detail, but again, I lost the entire version of the post I made while I was actually playing. Sorry about that. You really should only be able to undo things you've done during one editing session in Blogger. Anyway, I do have more content of this world coming soon, so hopefully those posts go better than this one did. See you then!

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