Thursday, 27 September 2018

BioWolf 2: Second Attempt

In an attempt to breed some new colour mutations, or any kind of cool norn really, I've remade one of my more successful wolfling runs. It didn't have the most creative name; it was in the Biodome, and it was a wolfling run, so I called it BioWolf. This edition possibly has a less creative name: BioWolf 2. But hey, it works.

Every bred creature who goes into the main population completes an IQ test. I didn't initially do this in the original BioWolf, and I ended up with a lot of rightwalkers and children of the mind. So, I started up IQ testing within a few generations that time, and this time round I'm doing it from the very beginning. It seems to be working. If a norn makes it to the meso, I move them to the Biodome. If not, they die in the halls. Thankfully, that's only happened to two norns so far.

Fast ticks are always on, and I usually have the display turned off if I'm not actively watching. The norns have plenty of toys, but I've tried not to make food so abundant. I don't want them slapping each other to death out of boredom, but I don't want them constantly gorging themselves either. I made absolutely certain to remember to include toys this time: I always forget that part!
The population is never at a size where it can be considered small, and the egg collection agent makes finding all the eggs so much easier. I don't even have to do anything there! Another major contributor to keeping the population at a manageable size is the fact that I've decided to do random events every few minutes. I listen to a song, then I roll an event. Often the event makes me export a lot of norns, or add poisonous weeds! The only weed I have installed is a laburnum vendor, and many norns have taken a bite of the toxic flower. None ever survive. On the other hand, I often get to add first gens, or adopt creatures for the world. These creatures are almost always the ones who eat the laburnum, frustratingly. Willow Fang is a recently added first gen Laguna norn, and she's a pleasant change from the relative monotony of the rest.
There's always a big group on the level just above the changeable area, but Shade Fang is the first norn that's ever been lost to violence. It's pretty obvious in this picture that I started with a population of a pair each of Bengals, Bruins, Civets, and Chichis; Swan Leaf is another first gen added by an event, and Thrush Storm is the descendant of a first gen added by an event. Her ancestor, a male Astro norn, died eating laburnum.
Hopefully this run yields some nice norns I can share with you all, and does not start to lag my computer after a few generations like its previous iteration did. Right now it is up to generation five, and going strong! See you all next time!

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