Friday, 21 September 2018

Seskorix: Moving On

There is now a third generation norn in every group, so it is time for the first gens to go. This also means it is time for an evaluation!

Silence Falls Group
Initial Population: One male, two females
Current Population: Seven males, five females
Total Population: Twelve norns
Significant Details: Largest population, and has the most third gen norns of all groups, with a total of five.

Norngarden Group
Initial Population: Two males, two females
Current Population: Four males, five females
Total Population: Nine norns
Significant Details: Only population to have a significant appearance mutation, with two members having Jungle grendel arms.

Terra Pluvialis Group
Initial Population: One male, one female
Current Population: Five males, five females
Total Population: Ten norns
Significant Details: Has the highest amount of population growth across all populations, having more than quadrupled since the beginning. One baby has a slight yet probably noticeable pigment mutation exclusive to males that will activate at adolescence.

Lost Cave Group
Initial Population: Two males, one female
Current Population: Three males, two females
Total Population: Five norns
Significant Details: Smallest population, has only increased by two norns since the beginning.
First off, I'd just like to say that nothing went as I expected here. I know the Lost Cave group had to wait for the starting female to recover between pregnancies, but so did the Terra Pluvialis group, and they had only one of each gender to start with but still became the group with the most growth. The survival of the Lost Cave group is really banking on the survival of those two females while the adolescent male matures, because otherwise they're back to square one: one female and two fertile males. It is truly unfortunate that the one infertile male was born in the group that needs the most help, and it doesn't help that this group has had a lethal mutation show up. The Terra Pluvialis group is the only group that hasn't suffered a loss thanks to bad genes yet, but the Lost Cave group is the one that gets hit the hardest by unfortunate mutations due to having such low numbers.
EDIT: As it turns out, that 'infertile' male was not, in fact, infertile, as he just got one of the girls pregnant. Perhaps I need to brush up on my gene reading skills!
The Terra Pluvialis group is doing exceptionally well, considering their lack of space and starting numbers. They went through a hungry phase because they ate all the raspberries which I could not seem to reintroduce, but I found the seed planters built into the metaroom, so all was good. Hopefully the young male with a colour shift manages to pass those genes so I can look at something that isn't plain Chichi norns.
The Norngarden group is definitely helping my eyes in that avenue; grendel armed norns popped up there and seem to be spreading, much to my delight. Norns with grendel tails, arms, or legs always look awesome. They also don't typically happen as soon as the second generation, so I'm very pleased with the Norngarden group. Their numbers didn't explode as much as I had expected, but that is okay.
Finally, the Silence Falls group was the unexpected winner in the numbers category. I thought that their growth would be curbed a little by only having one male, but apparently the somewhat confined space aided with reproduction. That could be why the Norngarden group didn't have a massive population boom; their home is a little more spread out. I was expecting a lot of children in Silence Falls, but nowhere near as many as there turned out to be.
In any case, that wraps up the first Seskorix evaluation! We're already seeing a few changes in the way of appearance, and I can't help but root for the Lost Cave group. Perhaps any creatures I put there are doomed to have bad experiences, kind of like any Magma norns I have. Hopefully they manage to turn things around, and hopefully the other groups continue to excel.

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