Sunday, 11 February 2018

Tionia: Doomed to Extinction

Okay, we're back with this! The Fallow group is easily the most spread out, with each norn a good distance from it's groupmates. This boy is the only one who has remained on the ground floor!

The Magmas are a fairly tight group, darting in and out of the cactus patch as they please.
The Bengals are somewhere between those extremes, taking little trips on the elevator but always returning to their home.
The Siamese pair don't seem to realise that they can travel, as I've never seen them go much further than the beach successfully.
Unless migration happens, the Magma group will be first to die out, as the only male has died. I would have put a picture, but I messed up and didn't save it properly. A Bengal girl has wandered from the rest of her group.
Anyway, see you next time. Sorry these updates have been short.

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