Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Matriarch Run: Part 3

Once again, things started off with everybody in the garden, except this time half the group has moved to the greenhouse.

Everyone is happily eating carrots and lemons. Lemons seem to be popular with this bunch. Personally, I can't understand why. I can barely stand to even lick one lemon slice, and these guys are eating them like apples. Perhaps Albia's lemons are different to Earth lemons?
In other news, Shade Feather is nearly dying again, and it turns out he's already become elderly. I'm going to assume that's because of multiple malnutrition incidents, because he's the youngest of the first generation norns that are left, yet he's the only one considered old. While I was typing this, he seems to have recovered on his own. Which is good, because trying to make him eat last time was a nightmare. He's worse than Deer Stream, who at least ate happily before he died.
Asteria has spent most of her time in the greenhouse with Burdock Leaf and Heather Talon lately. I got excited when she announced that she was feeling friendly, but then she promptly went to sleep, so that feeling might not last. I got impatient and told them to 'push norn'. I know, it defeats the purpose of the run, but what fun is it if there's no babies happening? The youngest norn currently in the world is 1 hour and 20 minutes old, and I want some new faces. If it's any consolation, telling them to 'push norn' didn't work.
I think that maybe for the next post I'll choose a new queen. I know I said I'd wait until the current one dies, but nothing seems to be happening right now. I'll export Asteria, import all the heiresses and one of the dusky boys, and see what happens.
Speaking of the dusky boys, I uploaded two of them to Creatures Caves so you can have them in your world too! Find them here!


  1. This is such a charming blog :> Glad to see people are still running interesting scenarios in their worlds these days!

    1. And I accidentally abandoned it for ages! ._. Whoops. I'm glad you like what I'm doing though! You were actually one of the people who inspired me to start a blog in the first place, so it means a lot that you like it.